Caleb Spinner is the son of Scott and Ellen Spinner. Caleb will be attending The Ohio State University to pursue a degree in Journalism. Scott and Ellen said "Caleb is a determined, hard-working, and gentle young man who always puts the needs of others first. He strives to leave his mark on this world as was witnessed through his founding of the student run broadcast network (MIBN) for the benefit of athletes, students, families, local businesses, and community members throughout Mechanicsburg. Caleb is devout in his faith and is focused on following the path that God has laid out for him. We look forward to hearing him broadcast games for THE Ohio State University over the next 4 years...O-H” Caleb’s favorite memory from High School revolves around this statement during his sophomore year "Shut up...this doesn't involve you". We are proud of Caleb and wish him the best in his future endeavors.