Brennon Lloyd  is the son of Brandy (Marc) Holcomb and James Lloyd. Brandon plans on entering the workforce. Brennon’s teachers at Ohio Hi-Point said “Brennon has a contagious energy that can transform a room. When he is on board with an idea, most others are as well. I've watched him grow, in the past year and a half, from a curious and excitable teenager into a young man who has more direction and goals for his future.~Mrs. Simmons (English Teacher)

He is hard working and skilled in the landscaping industry. ~Mr. Carpenter (Outdoor Careers Lab Instructor)

Brennon cares deeply about others who are going through a hard time and will jump to their defense far more quickly than he will defend even himself.  Brennon has a wonderful sense of humor, and he also will put in just as much (or more) effort into helping a friend do well than he will into helping himself.  I guess I'm saying he can be really selfless, which impresses me so much at that age.  He has a great heart.  ~ Mr. Gilbert (English 12 Teacher)

Brennon has a great sense of humor and brings something unique to every class. He can sit down and have real life conversations with me. Brennon has no problem with opening up when he feels that he is being listened to and that the person he is talking with actually cares about what is going on. He is the first to volunteer to help someone in need, even though he probably has something pressing to do as well. I have to agree with Ryan that Brennon is a selfless student and that also impresses me. ~Ms. DeLong (Math Instructor)

Brennon is a very hard hands-on worker.  He is willing to take the initiative and is able to get others involved.  He is a leader.  Brennon is very perceptive to the feelings of others and makes it a goal of his to better the situation for others if possible.  I truly enjoyed having Brennon in class.  He is thought provocting and challenged me as an educator to find ways to challenge him and stretch his outside of the box thinking.   Brennon will be successful and be productive in his community.~Mrs. Swaney (CBI Instructor).” We are proud of Brennon and wish him the best in his future endeavors.